Ebook Formats And Their Relevance:

Ebooks are available in different formats today. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Some work best basing on the device you use, while some others have their greatness. Some give you a taste of how things are going forward in publishing, while some look to preserve the past. All in all, the eBook formats have their agenda. Some of the eBooks have become the proprietary of larger enterprises, while some have made their companies of their products. Today we look at the major eBooks formats which are ruling the publishing arena right now.

The Advent Of Epub Formats:

The first format which comes to mind, when we say EBooks is the Epub format. Heck, you even get the torrents for it or free ePub format books, to read them right away. You get them mostly for free, and we are not even kidding. Free books for everyone, comes with this format. Such is the wide reach of this eBook that companies like Barnes & Noble, Kobo Devices and much more are literally lapping up every update which comes every two or three years, to support more complex media and text forms.

  1. Epub was brought out to the market by International Digital Publishing Forum, in the late 80’swith an intent to bring a uniform form to eBooks and eTexts. Until then there were Docs, PDFs and TXT’s (HTML as well) which made for great looking text materials. But something was missing. That’s when publishers around the world, shook hands to bring something new and functional. Thus, Epub came out.
  2. What was so special about it? Well, it was the ultimate solution for making highly engaging books. People could twist them, turn them, zoom in and zoom out and even share the books on their devices. All to say through ePub, Publishers, for the most part, brought a definition to future.
  3. Today, after almost three decades of the ePub, we have today writers and publishers getting their works out in ePub and becomes best sellers with minimal publishing costs. Such is the ease of making and reading this format. Arguably the best eBook format (as it is compatible with almost all the eBook readers and apps) Epub is here to stay for eternity.

The eBooks ReKindled via Mobi Format:

If ePub was the Pele of eBooks, Mobi came out to become Ronaldo. Mobi came closely on heels of ePub in the late 90’s. It had all the features to become the universal ebook format, but ePub beat it in the race. Let’s see how Mobi came out to become a major format after facing initial downside. So, the story starts at MobiPocket Systems, a small publishing services company in America. Now they came up with this format, enhancing the then present and popular PDF files.

Eventually, it came out to be very similar to what ePub was and therefore, it gained less popularity than its competition. That’s where a twist in the tale came in. Internet Giant Amazon came out with an Idea to bring out eBook readers sensing the future. Now, the first requirement it had in mind, was to take up a format which they could own up and shape up as per their need.

  1. Mobi is the default format for Kindle Books. Kindle gives you major tools, namely Kindle Previewer or KindleGen plugin to help you convert eBooks to other formats into Mobi.
  2. Now, you can download Mobi into Kindle devices and apps from almost anywhere. You just must log in into your Amazon account, and there you go. Once you have bought/got an eBook you have it everywhere. You have the devices and the apps, for all the platforms – Android, iOS, Computers, even Tablets.
  3. Epub and Mobi offer similar features and brings almost the same ease of reading on any device. The major edge that this format has over other formats is its exclusivity in other readers.
  4. Scroll effects, page turn effects, night reading modes and support for more than 100 fonts, Kindle eBook format, Mobi is always a great way to read books.

The Classic Formats Of PDF and Doc:

The veterans of eBook formats are these two – PDF’s and Docs. Both come from different houses, Adobe, and Microsoft respectively. Although, PDF was brought out to appeal to all the simple eBook apps and devices. Portable Document Format, PDF remains as an open source format, which you can read validly on any device or any operating system. Even if you are using Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Ubuntu, you just need to download the Adobe Reader, and you can read it. Doc, on the other hand, you get as a default text editor for MS Office. So, it has a sort of exclusivity of Windows. That’s what majorly becomes our variations for the two.

  1. PDF has become a more versatile eBook format, which today has Authors bring their works in PDF eBooks. With hundreds of free PDF portals, chances of finding eBooks ranging in any topic or genre are getting higher.
  2. Doc with its latest offerings and updates are becoming the norm for text editing and publishing. Most text input tools take Docx as the default format. Therefore, you have all the freedom to bring your thoughts to matter and share it amongst your contacts.
  3. Now that you have a fair idea of Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word, it is eventually the user’s convenience to use them according to their need. The main advantage of Doc is that you can use it easily, and PDF’s main aim is to provide greater security of materials.

The Future Of Ebooks Via CBR/Audio Books/And More:

Do we only get the text in eBooks? Certainly not. We are in an age when text with Rich Media inclusions, count for all the attention. You just cannot sell eBooks with plain old text. It should catch up with the changes that the physical books are going on with. Enter Comic Book Reader format, which is made for reading comics (literally) in the eBook readers. If you are looking for enhanced eBooks, then this is what you need to know about. With easy readability, scroll effects, page turning effects, interactive features and more, Comic Book Formats truly explore the benefits of eBooks.

Next, comes the step of bringing a new way of reading eBooks. That is to hear them. Audio books, via Audible, is something of the latest trend of eBook formats which is taking the world by storm. Listen to eBooks while you indulge in other activities, with no disturbance. Amazon Audiobooks now come available with new collaborations with acquiring Audible. `

Further, enhanced eBooks are bringing a change in the way we read books, by making life-like interactive. You get to touch and swirl the images and analyse them. Go in detail on the subject, and experience learning in a whole new way. Therefore, eBooks make life enriching than ever and bring about a persistent change to the publishing world as it is.