Kalaranjani students give a scintillating performance

THE HANS INDIA |   May 11,2017 , 12:29 AM IST

Shyamala Srinivas guided the presentation of Bharatanatyam by her talented students from Kalaranjani School of Music and Dance on the weekend at Shilparamam. Shyamala Srinivas is the student of Gurus Lalitha Sastri and Pasumarthi Ramalinga Sastry. Starting the programme by paying obeisance to God, Guru and the audience with Pushpanjali, which is a Nritta item with flowery and joyful movements, the audience witnessed a series of items. They included a Swathi Thirunal composition, a Tulsidas Bhajan and a famous Thillana composition of late Dr Mangalampalli  Balamuralikrishna.  A senior student Anisha Srinivas performed the Tandava element of the Lord of all art forms himself dancing majestically in the composition of the Shiva Stuti set in Revathi raagam. She was successful in further drawing the attention of the crowd towards herself by performing the famous Tulasidas Bhajan "Hanuman Chalisa" portraying the effulgent qualities of Lord Anjaneya. Her other students excelled and moved the rasikas in a beautiful composition of Swathi Thirunal ‘Gopalaka Pahimam’ in Raagam Bhoopalam. Executed charmingly by the students describing the tender feet of Lord Krishna, which would redeem all sins, the Andal Kauthuvam in Anandabhairavi taking the subject of Lord Sriranganatha’s consort greatly moved the audience. It was a mesmerising display of Godha Devi’s attributes. The concluding Thillana in Kadanakuthuhalam with lyrics praising the beauty and charm of Lord Krishna along with concluding Mangalam was a sprightly and energetic rounding of an enchanting programme.   By Anna Rao

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