Losing all bookmarks while converting azw3 files to docx

Bug #1683188 reported by

Lam on 2017-04-16

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Affecting: calibre
Filed here by: Lam
When: 2017-04-16
Confirmed: 2017-05-04
Started work: 2017-05-04
Completed: 2017-05-04

Bug Description

I converted a book in azw3 format to docx format. In azw3 file there are some bookmarks in the form:

<a id="page_13"></a> [nothing between the tags <a id="..."> and </a>].

This bookmark will not be not converted to bookmark in docx, hence hyperlinks involved do not work. Besides, some paragraph formats in the original ebook are not converted correctly. Please see the screen clippings describing these inconsistencies in the docx file attached ("Report Errors.docx")

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