Your business deserves the biggest allies it can get. It wouldn’t come to you as a surprise when you see us become your biggest asset in all the allies and clients you have. We give you the edge to go beyond the existing restrictive practices and technologies, and to think new and ahead. But no, don’t just take our word for it. Check our experience and products, and we’re sure that you won’t blink before welcoming us aboard. Allow us to explain just a few of our innovations,

  1. EBOOK Accelerator: For the first in publishing history, we offer you our eBook-related services, entirely for free. Absolutely at zero price. Done and dusted. We know what you are thinking – It’s not possible? There must be some hidden costs? Who does that? Well, to answer those questions, we are just going to say this. We make it possible. Publishing should not be bound by financial constraints, and that’s what we firmly believe in. We remove a headache out of publishing and royalty earning.
  2. Investments: If you are a publishing services company, a distributor or a Publishing technology company and eagerly looking for investments, we make it simple for you.
    Send us your pitch document to showcasing the following
    • Investment required
    • Current valuation of the company
    • Valuation methodology
    • Application of funds
    • Planned return on investment in tune to the investment requested
    • ROI timelines
  3. Free eBook: Do you still have more to offer for free? Of course, we have, we love the word Free. And that’s how we come up with a system of arrangement, which allows publishers and independent authors to bring their works to the world in a hassle-free zero investment method. But what differentiates this product to the eBook accelerator? Well, simple way to put it, Ebook accelerator gives an end to end solution, while Free Ebook allows you to pick and choose which aspects you want to cut down your costs on. Of course, the best things happen when you call us up. Get in touch with us right now, to know the full range of products we have, and start redefining your publishing needs right away.

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