People who say Technology is ruining the age-old practices of Publishing, are just making a joke of it. We do not think so, and we’re sure you won’t too, when we bring you a buffet of proprietary technologies. Technologies which will make you a hurricane in publishing industry. An unstoppable force with all the technology assets which will make you a benchmark for production and innovation. Our products which range from privacy protection, to end user authentication, from workflow structuring to teamwork collaboration, we provide you unparalleled solutions to go beyond the obvious output, and achieve targets beyond expectations. To give you a brief idea as to what we are referring to, here are just a few things we can impress you with

  1. XML Work Flow Technologies: A Workflow Management Coalition operating upon a user defined structure with an innovative control management.
  2. EPub Authentication: In a stand against publication piracy, we bring to you eBook authentication tools, which protects every work in every form.
  3. Digital Rights Management: We believe that every publication which comes out, deserves to be protected for it’s intellectual proficiency. But in this age, with higher sophistication tools, it’s a hard task protecting it. That’s where our end to end DRM solutions come into play.

Tell us your need and we are sure we can answer to all your requirements as early as tomorrow.

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